terms of operation to be announced...

We will participate in GoS. There will be a setup with 3-4 sentry nodes hosted in Singapore and Hong Kong, and maybe one in Europe or North Amercia. Anti-DDoS is by providers OVH and Softlayer. In addition, various firewall settings, fail2ban, anti-portscan etc. are implemented to counteract attacks.

Based on results in Gaia-9001 it appears that nodes located in Asia have a performance disadvantage. However, with a view to offshore operations and hosting the nodes for mainnet in non-Western jurisdictions the original planning will continue.

Update: GoS turned out to be a debacle. We did not have the VPS with OVH in Singapore that we wanted to have for primary validator and sentry nodes. The specific VPS from OVH were sold out, and technical requirements were higher than expected for surviving the kind of attacks that occur. OVH would have been the first choice because they are the only known provider in Singapore with real DDoS mitigation which does not redirect to other locations in Europe or North America (a killer for blockchain node performance), and of course for Cosmos mainnet dedicated servers were intended. Following the difficulties to maintain good uptime-scores the validator node was moved to a dedicated server in USA. However, that server had technical problems that resulted in jail time. All in all, GoS failed for Currently we don't expect to participate in Cosmos mainnet start anymore. There is too much uncertainty about the staking behaviour from Atom holders concerning significance of GoS over auto-bonding as well as many other factors.

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